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Our diverse product range and installation knowledge means we have the ability to offer a variety of driveway solutions for all budgets.

We have a combination of the latest driveway systems available and traditional methods that mean we can cater to any driveway requirement. We will work with you to advise on the best solution for your requirements and explain the installation process

Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or futuristic finish, we have the designs and materials available to offer the perfect solution. We use patented paving materials such as Priora and Drivesys which are man made but have a natural looking finish or offer a permeable membrane to help with drainage and run off water.

As part of our design / installation process we always consider water channels and drainage to ensure no water damage is incurred once your new driveway is complete. We can also pave over any manholes so that they fit in with the new design and look more subtle and discreet.

Living Landscapes is a Marshalls approved driveway and paving installer and can provide a range of permeable paving solutions that allow the infiltration of rainfall into the watercourse in a slow and measured way.

Below are a two of examples of permeable paving solutions we can provide. For a complete range of driveway and paving solutions we are able to supply and install please visit the Marshalls website.

Driveline ® Priora ® permeable paving

A driveway paving system that enables rainfall to soak into the subsoil where it can drain harmlessly away rather than into hard pressed drains.

Priora Permeable Paving, a Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) System for driveways.

  • The unique patented Priora block allows surface water to pass through into a specially calculated sub base material without compromising the structural performance of the driveway
  • The use of SUDS can reduce the risks of flooding and pollution of the public sewer system especially in times of heavy rainfall
  • Priora block paving is available in six colours from our popular Driveline 50 block paving range. Tegula Priora is a more rustic version available in the three Drivesett Tegula colours

Grassguard ® permeable grass grid

Grassguard - the benefits of a driveway while retaining the look of a lawn

  • Grassguard is a permeable grass grid for domestic hardstanding areas providing a sustainable alternative to traditional block paving
  • Grassguard's open grid allows grass to grow through the blocks providing a green option for parking
  • Easy to lay with recommended sub base of 150mm MOT Type 1, hardcore, and a bedding regulating layer of sharp sand or pea shingle

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